The Germany beer list

This is not just overdue, it’s well over a year overdue. This is the notes directly from my iPhone that I took while in Germany. I woke up in a cold sweat last night, as I restored my iPhone (I think it’s on its last leg) and was terrified I had lost my notes. I hadn’t, but I’m preserving them here finally in case my phone chokes this week. Enjoy, and comments (preferably on Facebook) are suggested.

Sion Kölsch
Keiler Land-Pils
Wurzburger Hofbrau
Kulmbacher Mönschof Kellerbier
Wernecker Laurentius
Spezial-brau Rauchbier
Brauerei Sonne- hefetrüb
Fässla Bier-Radler/Some lightass crappy cider for cyclists
Kitzmann- hefeweizen
Bamberger Mahr’s Kellerbier
Weiherer Weisse
Privatbrauerei Fässla Bamberg Gold-Pils
Schlenferla Heller-Bräu Rauchbier
Keesman Bräu (Bamberger)- Herren Pils
Mahr’s Bräu-Keller bier /wood cask
Fässla Bier- zwergla
Brauerei Simon- lauf
Spaten dunkel
Hacker-Pschorr dunkel Weiss
Hofbrau original
Saanwald hefeweizen
Saanwald hefeweizen dunkel
Augustiner Lagerbier (hell)
Augustiner edelstoff
Augustiner dunkel Weiss
Weihenstephan dunkel
Ayinger jahrhundred
Ayinger Weiss
-Rothenburg ob der Tauber:
Kloster Scheyern dunkel
Zirndorfer kellerbier
Jever Pilsener
Landwehr-Bräu- Toppler-Pils
Gutmann Hefeweizen
Brauhaus Leikeim- Leikeim Premium
Tucher- Weizen
Tucher- Altfränkish Dunkel
Tucher- pils
Landwehr-Bräu- dunkel
DAB (Dortmunder Actien Bräu)- Pils
Schneider Weiss- dunkel
-Frankfurt x2:
Hamaste- Premium lager
Schmucker Meister Pils
Schmucker Schwartz Bier
Schöfferhofer- Weizen
Paulaner- dunkelweiss
Beck’s. Yes Beck’s


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