My Easter Weekend 2012

I haven’t been home for Easter in many years. Many years on purpose, and others because it was simply too far to travel. 10 or 15 years ago I decided I shouldn’t observe religious holidays anymore simply because I felt it was hypocritical to denounce organized religion, yet celebrate their holidays. Christmas had been the only exception, and really even through this past year I still looked upon it as a Winter Solstice  celebration. I haven’t observed gift giving aside from the family calendars I produce every year. In all actuality is probably a really nice gift now that I pay for them. 😉

Easter though for me in the past was mostly about ham, hard-boiled eggs, coconut, and lots of chocolate. I could get behind the chocolate, but for the most part I really was OK with buying up the discounted candy the following week.

A year ago I spent some money I shouldn’t have on plane tickets, and saved even more that I shouldn’t have spent on spending in Germany for 10 days. The week I was there was holy week, and the country was colored for Easter. Real eggs displayed everywhere, including trees of homes on the countryside, and chocolate was given out to us at breakfast everywhere we stayed. It was quite spectacular.

The trip really didn’t effect me per se religiously, but a month or so ago I found this link on Facebook about German Easter traditions. It was a great article, but what struck me was the tradition about burning last year’s Christmas tree in a bonfire Easter night. From there, among a few other reasons, I conjured up a plan and called my sister about the bonfire idea. We didn’t have it Easter night, but the night before they had located there disposed Christmas tree, and burned in the fire after having large pastel colored marshmallow s’mores.

Not sure if there is any relation between Easter egg hunting and mushroom hunting, but the latter is certainly a religious experience. The weather was gorgeous all weekend, and after a long trip home Friday I just wanted to enjoy the last bits of sunlight so I went out to the back pond for a quick walk and take a peak where I typically find a mushroom (or two). In my short trip I was excited to find one, but I had no idea what it foreshadowed for the weekend. The next day Dad and I decided to take a trip deeper in the woods for the elusive morel mushroom. The first hour we came up empty handed. The second hour I discovered the first one, and immediately six more appeared. I summoned dad from across the way and brought over his eye to the dotted landscape. They were so plentiful we stopped counting. An hour later you had two full grown men giggling over our finds. I couldn’t wait to get home first to have a beer, and second to find out who found the most. The final count; 29 each. We found 58! I told mom I had the tiebreaker with my lone shroom from the night before.

Mom sliced them up, and before the bonfire I took my nieces and nephew out for another mushroom hunt. We had so much fun and scored another 17 delicacies. Smiles abound!

Before the end of the weekend we found nearly 100 edible fungi; enough to feed the masses at our Easter dinner. My niece who is a picky eater even approved!

I also got to hide some Easter eggs, which is actually more fun than looking for them, and I made Easter baskets for all of my nieces and nephews. They all scored opera creams from Papas in Covington, KY and some jellybeans. Nothing says lovin’ like a big ol’ sugar buzz!

So lesson learned is I need to partake in more holidays of Pagan origin and not feel bad.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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