One of the things I had to do before moving to Cincinnati was to assure many of the things I loved in Milwaukee could be replicated. Now that I’ve been here for over 2 months it’s time to report on a few of my findings. Some are wonderful, some are acceptable, some of ’em suck.

Milwaukee v’s Cincinnati.

1. Vintage. Vintage is likely the one thing that won’t be replicated. The only bar I’ve been to a number of times is called The E(stablishmnet). They have $2 Yuengling’s, a cute bartender, an OK patio, and food. Seems a bith ‘douche-y’ at times. Score = Suck.

2. Sassy Cow Milk. I loved the Sassy Cow. It was $2.45 for a half gallon at Beans n Barley. It never let me down. The small dairy equivalent here is Snow Valley Creamery. They do not homogenize the milk so it needs shaken before pouring. This leads to a problem since the $3.69 half gallons are in paper cartons which splashes out when you shake it. It’s a green thing, I’ll give ’em that. Score = Acceptable.

3. Razor in Bayview. I left the best barber ever! The two ‘barbers’ I’ve been to here have not even come close. Score = Suck.

4. Cory the Bike Fixer. The 2 years free service and a half mile from home was awesome. The suggested shop here is Reser in Newport. They are 8 miles away, but  a great shop. They have lifetime free tuning on new bikes. That’s an incentive. Score = Acceptable.

5. Whole Foods. Milwaukee had a comfy cafe, with an excellent barista, and a friendly overall neighborhood atmosphere. The Cincinnati Whole Foods has none of that. Score = Suck.

6. Alterra/Anondyne/Roast, etc. The coffee shops in Milwaukee were OK. Alterra on Prospect sucked by the way. This is why I went to the aforementioned Whole Foods. Coffee Emporium in Cincinnati (I go to the Hyde Park location) is everything a coffee shop should be and more! I haven’t even hung out very long on their gorgeous patio. Holy crap! Score = Wonderful!

7. Biking. You still can’t beat the Oak Leaf Trail, and riding along Lake Michigan. Plus lots of bike lanes in Milwaukee. I was a little hesitant about Cincinnati, but they are moving quickly in the right direction. Bold plans, commitments, decent system, great advocacy groups, lots of activities, and so on. The hills suck. Score = Acceptable.

8. Radio Milwaukee. You know how much I loved it. I still listen to it. I am falling out of love with it since the community spots are irrelevant to me and have seemingly become more persistent. I might be going back to Pandora soon unless I can find a local alternative I don’t know about yet. Score = Suck.

9. Baseball. Milwaukee gets crazy for baseball. Cincinnati is about the same, BUT, we have an Opening Day parade (that I’m attending tomorrow). Am I going to throw my loyalty back to the Reds? Score = Yes

10. Transit system (bus). Milwaukee, still awesome. Cincinnati? Score = Suck.

11. Pizza. Milwaukee likes the cracker thin. I like the thicker, spicier pizza in Cincinnati. Score = Wonderful!

12. Bread. Le Campagne from Mequon, and Peter Sciortino’s are like the Fuck yeah! of bread. In Cincinnati, I went from won over to not buying again the Shadeau Bakery after it began molding quicker and quicker. Looking for an alternative for the bread mainstay. As far as brat/sausage buns, mmmm, Ferrari’s Little Italy has got some damn good ones. Score = Acceptable.

Overall score? Lots of sucks, right. Not so fast. I’m really happy here. Score = Wonderful!

By the way, I’m back to drinking orange juice even though I have to strain the pulp out. It’s called Natalies Orchid Island Juice Company. As of this week you can find it at Pick N Save. By the way. Pick N Save v’s Kroger. Kroger wins! Yay Cincinnati!


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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  1. Sounds like fun. I liked the Supermarkets in North Carolina better as well. It has seemed like things have been going better for you since you moved so that’s excellent!

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