The Lost Year

I realized this when I began re-blogging last September, and again reminded me when the calendar feature became available on my WordPress design, that I didn’t blog from November 2010 to September 2011.  It’s not exact math, but I’m going to call it ‘the lost year’.

Strangely enough the blog in Nov. 2010 was both the realization, and denial, that my time in Milwaukee was over. Ironically, though the Sept. 2011 blogs speaks no word of it, the restart was I took the first breath and decided to move to Cincinnati. The thing is though in that lost year many things happened and they deserve a place here as I hope this blog becomes a history book of my life.

I definitely had lots of time in this period and it was when I reached a few heights in my life. This period was the growth and peak of me being a trivia show host. It’s the point where I realized that my so called Twitter network (albeit a few exceptions) wasn’t going to support me, and I didn’t need them to succeed. My struggling show in ‘the lost year’ finally got out of the 25-30 player range to selling out week after week (the capacity was about 75-80). Of course as time would tell, this was the ONLY thing keeping me in Milwaukee and the  hardest thing to let go.

During the cold Winter/Spring of 2011 I found myself going to Madison for weekends on end to protest the Republican takeover of Wisconsin. It was amazing to see a movement unfold and then fold myself into it. Recalls have occurred and success of righting a wrong is almost complete there. Though distant, I’m still cheering on the sidelines for my fellow Wisconsinites and hope to come celebrate when you finally topple Scotty Douchebag Walker and take the Senate back as well. Then hopefully we can all breath freely and I’ll slowly let you guys get back to normalcy (whatever that is).

The biggest height was my lifetime dream of making it to Germany. Though I posted several pictures on Facebook and Twitter it never made it here. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year and I’ve been pining to go back. My goal is to go back in 4 years, yet I don’t think I can wait that long. I hope if and when it happens I get to take a family member or two with me. To help matters my new job has a fellow co-worker that listens to language courses throughout the day and for my benefit we’ve been listening to German. Perhaps I will not have the language handicap on the next trip.

Germany Volume 1

The most unique landmark in my favorite German city, Bamberg

Germany Volume 2

Easter in Rothenberg od de Tauber

Germany Volume 3

Double bridge down in the valley from the walled city up on the hill, Rothenberg od de Tauber

Late night at a Madison Protest

It’ll be hard to make up on here what I did and what was missed in that long year, but I think I became to reliant on micro-blogging on Facebook. I may need a self-review. Either way, it’s good to be back.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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