I changed my blog theme earlier this week from the perhaps Cincinnati appropriate orange and black to the design you’re looking at today. Turns out the “About” portion that I wrote back in April 2008 wasn’t visible in the old design. I was pleased to find what I wrote, and wanted to share it here before I revamped it to reflect my new place. My motivations haven’t changed much, and I ended up doing 5,000 miles in Milwaukee. In regards to the cheese, why is it way more expensive in Wisconsin? All I know is goetta is the new cheese here. Can’t wait to cook some up in the morning.

About, April 7, 2008 (5 months after I moved to Milwaukee)

I think this blog is a result from being single and will probably only continue to thrive as long as I can bike to a new place and have room in my backpack.  I’m not a recreational biker so I need a destination usually to point me in the right direction.  Usually something interesting such as a local shop that has goods such as apple cider (at least when I was in Indiana), beer, wine, bakeries, and now I can add Wisconsin cheese.  Plus the shear beauty and the challenge to go to new places will keep me pedaling in hopes of going two or three thousand miles this year, maybe even to Michigan via the Lake Express.

So I guess this is supposed to be about me, not my blog.  In short I lived in Indiana my whole life till I was just a month short of my 34th birthday.  I uprooted and moved myself to Milwaukee, WI.  This has just opened a new sense for adventure because finally my surroundings by afar are completely new to me.  Plus I have a penchant for quality over quantity for several products but it has to be a good value as well. I prefer craft beers, local wines, the darkest succulent chocolates, and the art of cheese and a great tasting milk.  It’s a good thing I walk to work, bike, and even workout because i have a feeling Wisconsin can make your girth potentially immense.

On edit, I never did make that Lake Express trip. 😦


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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