Upgrading to a V8

Ha, gotcha! No, this post has nothing at all to do with internal combustion engines. Instead, I’m posting about an end of an era as we know it; the store boughten, “not from concentrate era”, of orange juice.

I realize this is old news, but it has taken me till this week to think of and buy a comparable, and cheap, replacement to the hole left in, and for my heart. Most of you have read or heard about our overly manufactured orange juice and it’s quite a shame. Of course, I could, gasp, actually buy oranges and crush them to their deaths for their sweet, sweet blood; but alas I was watching Dr. Oz last week (the only doctor I can see without insurance) to recommend, gasp again, vegetable juice!

Now, after many, many Sundays (and well, everyday actually) I saw Wisconsinite after Wisconsinite woof down a carefully, spicy, well dressed alcoholic concoction of vegetable juice to my dismay (usually poured with a side of dice), the Bloody Mary. I never could understand, and seriously still don’t understand why you would choose that over all of the other fine alcoholic choices available but I digress.

So, after the Doctor of Oz gave me the thumbs up, off I went to Kroger (that’s a long O for you North Woods folk) to seek out V8, or the I’m broke as a joke Kroger brand equivalent. The price was right, about $2, and I reluctantly went home with my bottle of pulverized veggies.

I let it chill for a day and finally poured a bit and immediately it smelled like cold Campbell’s condensed tomato soup. After my drink I didn’t want to hurl, but I still wasn’t won over. I figured it tasted like cold condensed tomato soup too, and at worst I could mix some milk with it and make, well you guessed it, tomato soup. Tonight though I had a bigger glass of it for dinner and I tell you it wasn’t all that bad. Now I did have some kickass cookies for dessert so maybe that is the reason, but I feel really damn good right now. Maybe there is factual evidence of veggies being good for you. I still don’t know where the taste of the other 7 vegetables linger in the juice, I only taste tomato, but if this is what I have to drink until I can afford to eat properly again, or hire Jeeves to conquer the oranges (and the pulp) to return the days of orange bliss, it’ll do.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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