My move to Cincinnati

Yesterday I was smiling so hard I could burst. I felt moved in more ways than one. One I was finally settled in enough to explore the city by bike, and secondly I felt moved to finally blog about it.

It seems nearly every night I’ve been here I’ve been going to bed way early, like 9-10pm, which without my Milwaukee time adjustment yet is like going to bed between 8-9. The first few mornings I slept many hours to recover from the long, arduous move. This morning I was ready to roll at 5AM. I wanted to leave the house sooner, but between trying to get out of the house while it was still dark, and still finding myself a few times a day rifling through boxes to find something I finally managed to find coffee shortly before 8AM.

A week ago today I woke up for the last time with a normal Milwaukee day facing me, and my favorite day of all; trivia day! I didn’t want to treat that day any different. Same ol’ get up and get coffee at Whole Foods, shuffle some questions, and make a stellar playlist. Once that was done I did have a few last minute things to accomplish that afternoon before the show which in turn actually rushed me to get to Vintage to meet my replacement host. Once she arrived I knew things were becoming more realistic. The the balloons showed up, and then my biggest crowd ever arrived. Vintage was stacked with 80+ people. Some had to leave because it was standing room only.

The show went on without a hitch except for my crappy mic. Nearer to the end shots began arriving and a few goodbyes starting rolling out as players left and a few friends left. Cake was even served, and I received some gifts. There were some t-shirts and a few other goodies, but the thing that jerked the tears from my soul was a big card that they passed around and have everyone sign. That card meant so much to me.

I continued to play music throughout the night and before I knew it 2AM rolled around and I got to hang out with the Becky & the bar staff for a couple of hours despite knowing that the task of moving had to get started right away the next morning. I got home at 4AM and couldn’t sleep, I cried instead till like 6AM when I finally found the comfort to sleep. (See previous post)

I woke up a bit after 8AM, made breakfast, and finally made my way to pick up the truck. From there, even though I packed and threw away a lot of stuff I felt like I hadn’t even started at that point. I didn’t publicly ask for help because one it was weekday, and second I’m so damn independent I don’t want to involve anyone really to disassemble my mess. I did recruit my hero for the day, Wally, to at least give me a hand getting my big stuff out. After an hour or two battling that I was left alone with a mountain in front of me I’d seen the last when I moved into the place. Now, with shortness of sleep and no sense of direction it seemed impossible.

I moved what I had packed and began packing the rest little by little. The biggest delay was I had to move everything twice because since I was delayed by getting up late, the carpets were due to be cleaned before I could get everything out. Then the carpet guy forgot something and was delayed another hour. I had everything packed into my kitchen and could barely navigate nor make progress. Guh.

I was waning by then, and at around 7pm when I had planned to everything moved and cleaned, I was in deep. I was unmotivated, tired, and felt pretty helpless. Moral support was all I really needed. I took a break, called my mom, and found the strength to keep picking away. At this point I figured even if I finished by midnight, how was I going to drive?

After a post I made on Facebook, Wally came back from class and delivered one of those bottles of Starbucks lattes and I was never so happy to have Starbucks. Just his visit and that drink was enough to get me focused again. Between that and Wally helping stage and load more things I concentrated on the cleaning as well. STILL, IT WAS 2AM WHEN I CLOSED THE DOOR BEHIND ME! To meet my brother by mid-afternoon in Cincinnati I had no choice but to leave. If I slept at Becky’s like I had planned I would have never woke up and my whole plan would have been busted. So, after a quick stop at Jimmy Johns with Wally for some white bread and Coke energy I finally pulled out of Milwaukee at 3AM.

With 2 hours sleep in nearly 48 hours I had to be cautious obviously. I knew I could afford some power naps along the way, but crashing a truck of course was not an option. Leaving Milwaukee I found myself going 45-50 down 94. Then I remembered I only had $3 cash after paying the carpet guy, and the tolls had gone up in Illinois. So, instead of making a silly stop for cash, I jumped off on 41 when I got to the border. Besides, I was only going 50mph anyhow. I was a moving accident out there on the interstate. I wanted to get through Chicago before resting, but my body wouldn’t have it. I stopped about 3/4 of the way to Chicago and tested my power nap skills. “15 minutes I told myself” since I wanted to get through Chicago before rush hour. Boom! 15 minutes later I awoke, grabbed a Coke, and I was ready to roll. I went through Chicago about 5AM and was a 9 on a 10 scale in alertness.

The nods finally returned about halfway between Chicago and Lafayette, IN. I took another 20 minute nap and gave my cat some food. She was a trooper. She was pretty upset for the first hour or so, but was pretty quiet throughout till the last hour or so of the journey. She never made a mess the whole way! I kept going with a short stop for some fresh air around Lebanon, IN and a final stop in Fairland, IN. There after a solid 30 minute nap I was renewed and said at the point “it’s time to take it home”. Three naps and 10 1/2 hours later I arrived in Cincinnati. By time I turned in that night I had gotten a total of maybe 3 hours sleep in 60 hours. Before I went to sleep though my brother, Greg, came to meet me get my big stuff out of the truck and by my surprise brought his wife and kids. We went to Dewey’s Pizza down the block and I took this picture of my niece, Amelia.

After unloading and taking the truck back I had another night of much needed rest. The next morning my parents made their way to visit. A trip to breakfast, Costco (for the all important best smelling laundry detergent, ever), and a walk around the neighborhood for some Aglamesis Bros. sundaes. Finally after their visit I put my place mostly back together and finally felt at home.

Of course biking is an all important element of my being and I had to venture out a bit. My first four miles were on Saturday evening and the traffic was horrid. No dedicated bike lanes and some very bad drivers made me feel like I was in the wrong place. Fortunately, paired with some unseasonably warm weather, I had to drum up my courage and research my maps a bit better and get myself back out there. Tuesday I had a fabulous ride to downtown mostly along the river. Then I had to find my way back up the river bluff to stop hopefully at Eden Park. Eden Park is seriously my most favorite place on the planet. Every time as a kid when we went on field trips to Cincinnati (zoo, museums, etc.) we had lunch and/or went to the Krohn Conservatory in Eden Park. The point overlooking the river towards Kentucky never ceases to make me happy. So yesterday I climbed the hill and found the park and the lookout and stopped for a bit. I was beaming to say the least. The ride to and from, about 15 miles, was trouble free and made me feel secure again biking in the city. Twas a good day.

Yesterday I spent the day looking for jobs and even had a couple of informal interviews. I have another today at the aforementioned pizza place too. I hope to have the job thing secured in the upcoming week so I can finally have the freedom to really indulge in what the city has to offer.

If you gotten this far in my TLDR blog post today, thanks. It wasn’t easy leaving Milwaukee, but already this week I feel inter-connected with a place spiritually. I feel like I know everyone here, and they understand where I come from and where we all want to be. The bottom line is, like I told my parents Sunday, I have some nieces and nephews to spoil. I have to get to work now to begin making that happen.

Thanks for being a part of making my experiment of living out of my comfort zone for four years to help me appreciate this place again a reality.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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  1. @Jeff Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, but good luck in Cincy!

  2. My heart’s in Milwaukee but my butts in South Alabama. Happy biking.

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