Reinforcing a mission

I’ve been un(der)employed for so long that I seemed to have lost sight of my original mission upon returning to the “workforce”. The thing is after having an informal interview with a “workforce solutions provider” that those ideas came rushing back into my head. What I didn’t tell (and I likely a good thing I didn’t perhaps) them is that I’m stubborn and unconventional in regards to my terms to retuning to what we have come think of our mindset of “working”.

Call me unrealistic but I’m not one that wants to work to death by continually being sleep deprived and deprived of the things that mean so much to me. The past year was an eye opener to what I’ve missed and what is important in regards to life. Knowing that it wasn’t impossible to go to Germany was enlightening. It’s not been money that has stopped me in the past, but this system that the workforce culture in the US of vacation days.  We need those vacation days so bad to reset or do short term travel for holidays and such that we really have no way of saving them up (if we even get them) that we are held prisoner (slaves) to our employers.

Fortunately I’m only working for me, not for a significant other, not for a family. I’d prefer to keep it that way and do what I can to find flexibility in my next employers. Why can’t I build a schedule to fit my to my life instead of adapting to yours? For example, one of the jobs I was seeking (which is part-time) would likely not hire me because I don’t want to start at 8 because I prefer to put my health before a “standard”. Is that work you’re behind on different if it’s done at 8AM than it is at 10AM? How many times in my last job did I have nothing to do but be “available from 8-5”? In my last job I was a bit more in an indispensable position and something I want to get away from. Our work culture is so messed up and I hope to find a way to buck the system, but of course, most of us put ourselves in the position of being desperate and we are in desperate times. I do hope to work like a dog in the upcoming months, but as I look forward and settle down in Cincinnati I do hope I can find jobs that I love that allows me to save money for travel and just whisk myself away from this so called life to see our world outside of this country.

I never want to own a house, car, or other material possessions that require me to have to live and die at the hands of a corporation that only cares about the top’s bottom line. I want to live, travel, and be happy.

The days ahead are looking a bit grim for me, but I must remember my mission. I will do what it takes to survive, but I don’t need much more beyond that.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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