Today my only motivation to go out (after my workout) was just to go have coffee. Usually when I go out to get coffee I have a multitude of things I need to do while sipping away at my cup ‘ joe; job search, tax course homework, trivia show, among other things. This morning, I’m just kinda surfing the net and not much else but reflecting a bit more (oh dear) while having my coffee.

Yesterday I took my final for the tax course I’ve been taking over the past few months. It was open book, but I didn’t use it; I didn’t need to. Though I made a few minor errors I hunkered down and did my best impersonation of a tax preparer and it went really well; five painstaking hours of parsing imaginary tax information into the right forms. Done. At the end I signed my I-9 and other employment forms for the first time in a long time. I start in January. Accomplishment is good.

This morning I don’t have much else rattling around in my brain except some stupid shit planted in my head by marketers. This mostly comes in the form of the commercials I have to endure while watching TV while working out. I try to run away from them but when you’re jogging in one place I unknowingly step up my pace. This morning I actually hit the maximum speed and had to up my resistance. Anywho.. here is a small part of my summary about the commercials:

– Evidently my generation thinks it’s still cool to have a(n) (expensive) watch like we did in school (long before cell phones). I spend enough on my phone and it has the time. Why do I need a watch?

– The 1% watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Because why else would they have several car commercials about giving a car to somebody else?

– Radio Shack sucks. Well, we knew that already.

– Evidently people who need a celebrity spokesperson to buy something are the same suckers who still think they need a credit card. Suckers.

– Having a really bad Britney Spears lookalike (with matching bad music) is how we motivate viewers to go (back) to school.

– The elliptical machine obviously needs a mute button.

In regards to Christmas, and all of the advertising spent on the importance of it, I hope everyone gets the electronic/car of their choice. Me, all I hope for is to get home and back without much drama, to hug my family, watch Rudolph with my nieces and nephews, have some egg nog, and fall asleep by the glow of the christmas tree. I don’t ask for much. I’ll await to wish you a Merry/Happy Holiday whichever when the day comes around. Seems to me christmas day is the day we’re all glad it’s over. Chew on that.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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