The Check

I had a lot to accomplish today. My day was quite the whirlwind and the weather happened to be windy and cold. After an interview I had to swing into full gear to prep for a friend visiting. First things first though I had the joy of renewing my driver’s license. Despite leaving in a few months and rarely driving I didn’t want my license to lapse in case of emergency. So even though it’s good for 8 years that won’t quite be necessary.

Anyhow fortunately the last time I was there four years ago it was only a 10-15 minute ordeal and was hoping for the same and low and behold I was out in a flash. Now the only other thing I needed to do on my mad dash was stop by my credit union and cash a check.

This is where my day got longer…

All I brought with me was the envelope with my license renewal paperwork and my check (in the same envelope). Upon arriving at the credit union and locking my bike I placed my hand in my pocket and the envelope was gone. It wasn’t in any pocket. Gone!

I had placed my gloves, envelope, etc. in my helmet while waiting and I thought immediately I had left in on the counter of the DMV before I left. So I biked back to the DMV and checked the counter. Nothing. I stood in line again (much longer this time) and asked the guy at info desk if anyone turned in an envelope. Nope. I looked through the trash cans. Nothing. I looked though all of the trash cans on the 1st level of the building and finally contacted the police downstairs. Nothing. The police told me to report the check stolen and after scouring a few more trash cans I called about the check and moved on.

It did cross my mind at times that the envelope could have fallen out of my pocket, but even if it did on such a windy day it was going to be long gone. I biked back towards the credit union and kept an eye out just in the case of the impossible. I nearly turned a few blocks early but kept on my previous course. Two blocks from the credit union I seen some debris in the street which upon closer inspection was an envelope. What?! Could it be?! As I focused in I saw the green Wisconsin insignia on the back. I stopped, picked it up, and low and behold…

It was my envelope with the check inside!!!

As you can see below the envelope has a tire mark on it. Five minutes later I was telling the teller about the incredible missing (but found) check. I couldn’t believe it.



About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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