Moving on/back

Awhile back I made it known about my decision to move to Cincinnati in the near future and that I would blog about it. After mulling this decision over a month the thing I’ve thought about most is what I’m going to miss and NOT going to miss about my home for over 4 years, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The lists will be an edit in progress, but for the moment it’s more about the motivation in general.

When the opportunity to arose to move to Milwaukee it seemed a bit daunting. I had moved several times, but had always lived in the confines of my home for 34 years of Indiana. Not being married, having kids, or having a house I felt like now would be a good time to spread my wings and leave my comfort zone even though 6 hours away doesn’t seem that big to most. Still it was a big deal, and my siblings/family even reacted to have a going away party before I left. We went to a park in Indy, had pizza and snacks, and played a few games. You see, the rest of my siblings are all just minutes away from where we grew up, so it was quite radical for my family. That’s me, Mr. Radical.

And my time in Milwaukee was pretty radical. It seemed at first like an indefinite business trip. Instead of having a few days/weeks/months to see all the sights and get the feel for the city I had an indefinite amount of time. This was especially so at first because I made several trips back to Indiana/polis when I first moved. After one of those trips it all kinda hit me that I was in this for the long haul and I had to forge some relationships.

Did I ever.

It was slow at first, but then suddenly because of Twitter I didn’t have to fill holes on my calendar anymore because I was doing something all the time. In short I kinda developed and felt like a minor celebrity which of course brings out the worst in someone who can’t quite handle that. I had been there before, and the next thing I knew I had to do what I do best; withdraw. The only thing I really had left was my trivia show and after losing my job it became everything to me. My circle was much smaller, but it was nice to able to have the time and passion to dump into one thing. When all of the right pieces came together this show became a sell-out for several weeks until school schedules changed. This is the only time in my week I have structure, and that I see the same faces and a few of those I consider my friends.

But it’s not enough.

There is beauty and heart here, but also divisive politics to the point they are life severing. Perhaps it’s not only here, but if there is a trend I saw it and lived it while it began and evolved upon this past cold Wisconsin winter. Fortunately there is heart, passion, and will to beat back the thrones of evil here, and hope those I’ve seen fight and affected by the agenda win back Wisconsin. I’ll likely get to vote and see the outcome while I’m still here, but even though I felt like I adopted Wisconsin this past winter there is another thing I mentioned before that has bigger pull. My family.

I have nieces and nephews growing like weeds, parents not getting any younger, and siblings I feel disconnected from. One of the difficulties of living “far” away is trying make a trip home worth it. With travel, even when I fly I practically lose two days so even a 4 day weekend isn’t worth my cost and effort to visit. So I take off 5+ days away from work which always put pressure on a job where you’re indispensable. I think that was a factor in my demise at my last job. So upon looking for another permanent full-time job this factor weighed in and made me realize it’d be hard to obtain a job with that much flexibility in this market (or a job at all, damn!). Therefore I need to look for a job that is closer to “home”. My need and lifestyle requires a big city so my options near my parents (where I can take a day trip to visit my family) are Indianapolis and Cincinnati. I lived in Indianapolis for about 5 years and really it didn’t pan out and it doesn’t offer many of the things I’ve become accustomed to here in Milwaukee. Even though Cincinnati may lack many of those things as well, it’s a new and fresh place with lots of familiarity to me. Actually when I was watching the Brewers on TV playing in Cincinnati and saw I fan sitting in the stands with a bengal striped chicken hat on after attending Oktoberfest it sealed my decision.

My last trip home for my parents 41st anniversary party I made the announcement about my pending move and on my way back to Milwaukee I had that feeling of unrest of having to return to Milwaukee and how much I hated these rides back and forth. I want that feeling to be over. I want the convenience again of being near the most important thing to me.

I’d prefer to move at the end of the year, but logistically it’s likely not possible till May. This works well as I expect to be working as a tax preparer this season so I should have plenty of hours and bonuses to make the move easy come May and give me a cushion to find the beginning/path of my next and hopefully final home. I feel this strongly about Cincinnati right now.

Again though, there is a lot more I’m going to miss about Milwaukee than what I’m not, but it’ll be fun to list those things. I also need to list the things I want to do either for the first time or AGAIN before I leave. Chances are I’ll be back to visit at least once a year, but ya never know. So here are those list that rattle upon my brain everyday. Thanks for reading….


– My trivia show, and Becky at Vintage

– Tour of America’s Dairyland

– Glendale’s “authentic” Oktoberfest

Koppa’s chili & brats

– The awe I still get every time I ride by Lake Michigan

– Bread, bacon, eggs, butter, milk, etc. made in Wisconsin

– Cooler by the lake

– Mr. Anthony Leto /aka/ my barber at

– Rabid Packers fans

– Unrivaled bike trails

– Glorioso’s

– (more to come)


– Visit the Kettle Moraine ( I can’t be picky about the season now)

– Cafe Centro (even though it’s in Riverwest)

– Go to Madison, specifically to have a Walleye w/egg sandwich at The Old Fashioned again.

Visit the Roman Coin

– Mader’s, Benji’s, Jake’s…

– (mind is blanking..more to come)


– Daily vomit on Farwell Avenue

– Bar dice

– Early MCTS buses

– Riverwest

– Everything Miller (see below)

– (Enter ethnicity) Fest (change the flag + Miller) = every damn festival (see above)

– “I drink PBR and have a fixie” so I can disregard traffic laws/safety folk. (I really hope not, but expect this contingent is in Cincy too).

– Miller Park (I see a trend here)

– The light at Water & Pleasant. It is never in my favor no matter which direction I’m coming from!

– The HORRIBLE CBS 58 jingles. Somebody needs fired.

– (this list is easier than I had expected, more to come…….)


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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