The National (4)

Sometimes there is so much more than just being a local business.  Creating a cornerstone to make the neighborhood you live in a better place is another.  Michael Diedrick decided to do just that by opening The National off the beaten path in Walkers Point.  With concerns about crime in the area he felt that creating a place to build foot traffic and visibility in the area would improve his own and surrounding neighbors quality of life.

I first caught wind of The National last year when while meeting with some friends who support sustainability.  Primarily a breakfast and lunch destination, the cafe has large comfortable booths and a deli case for a counter that tempts you with the sandwiches and desserts along with a full menu board that will only leave you with a difficult decision of what to get.

For breakfast there are many pastry items to choose from along with something I’ll doubt to soon forget, the French Toastwich.  Can’t decide between having french toast or some ham for breakfast, heck, why not both?  The sandwich is just that, a two slices of french toast with ham and pecan cream cheese pressed together with a side of syrup.  To wash it down they have two coffee choices, one local from Anodyne, and Chicago’s Metropolis which I will go out of my way just to get for a pick me up before a bike ride.

They spent the past several months expanding their hours and menu choices for dinner usually posting a special entrée for each evening.  To accommodate  the dinner crowd locally and organically produced beers were added along with some select wines. Presentation and service on top of a large meal made this place a hit for me.  I recently brought the Twitter community out for a trial and we had a great turnout and one on one experience with Michael as our server and chef.  He even made us Twitter Bird Brownies for dessert.  How sweet, really. 🙂

Everything about The National is based on design from the walls to carefully thought out and prepared dishes.  It’s been designed for you to stop in too.

839 W. National Ave, Milwaukee (9th & National)


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Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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  1. Cathy Walljasper

    Awesome blog post, thanks for keeping me busy!

  2. Just got here tru my mobile browser. Can’t read your post that much coz it wasn’t properly formatted on mobile browsing.

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