Happy 2009!  What a year.  After holding our collected breath for 8 years and ever so tighter awaiting the results of the 2008 election we only have a few more days of Dub in the White House with Barack Obama bringing us the change and hope we so desperately desire.  Let’s hope for the best.

My first day of the year for once wasn’t a hangover from hard partying but more of a psychological hangover.  I did some sleeping, a little shopping, watched some bad football, and well,  slept some more.  I woke up in the wee hours of the morning recharged though, so much that I began putting together the most aggressive and exciting plan for the new year than in probably 5 years.

I hit my wall this past week. My December was very active socially, costly financially, and detrimental physically. My weight is probably at its worst point in 5 years and it has suddenly left me lethargic and vulnerable.  It’s times like these though that set a fire under my ass and start making bold decisions.

In review last year was overall a poor year in the health department.  My job is mostly sedentary, only a mile away from work as opposed to two when I was in tip top shape, and it was my lowest seasonal bike total since I started 5 years ago, 1080 miles.  I did have a knockout finish though biking all the way from Milwaukee to the Illinois border and back in 8.5 hours.  90 miles eclipsed my old one day record of 70 miles from 2 years ago.  I got my wings late in the season unfortunately and now we are in the midst of an ol’ fashioned Wisconsin winter.

I did buy a trainer but I’ve only gotten on it occasionally so that will have to be an important part of my day, everyday, and endurance testing perhaps on a weekend day will be ever so important as last night I decided traveling was another part of the picture to be more successful at battling the bulge.

As adventurous as I am I haven’t been to a new state in over 2 years.  The last one was my first time in Wisconsin for Summerfest.  Heh, liked it so much I moved here.  I was hoping to make it out to DC and the east coast this month for the inauguration but Jeff got a little too fiscally liberal with the moolah and now will have to stay in the MKE.  That’s OK, there are still some fun plans for that day.

So this year I’m going to branch out a bit and take advantage of the Zipcar that’s available at UWM and put myself one day of allotted miles out (180) and spend a weekend somewhere biking.  Three places on my short list are to Tomah, WI which is near the Minnesota/Iowa border, Door County (on my own terms), and Northern Wisconsin to see the “North Woods”.  Also a bit more aggressive trips, one of those to Iowa wine country, another to the upper peninsula of Michigan in hopes of biking to Canada (my first time out of the country), and driving to my parents in SE Indiana then embarking on a trip to Cincinnati and into Newport, KY and back.  Finally a trip I wanted to take last year was a ride on the Lake Express from Milwaukee to Muskegon, MI where I will then take my trusty bike to Kalamazoo and visit Bell’s Brewery.  Sweet rewards.

With being destination oriented and my need to see new places this should keep me peddling and in shape.

So this year I’m not setting a mileage goal but instead just to see more which should help me naturally inflate those numbers.  I just hope my tires stay inflated.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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  1. I’m glad we ran across this website, and to know you are doing well in WI. We DO miss your friendship, whether you choose to think so or not. You know how to get ahold of us. (and we hope you do!) 🙂

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