Romans’ Pub

Milwaukee is the brewing Capitol of the world supposedly but unfortunately the only beer most identify the city with is Miller. There are though several quality microbreweries and brew pubs here which keeps me more than happy here.

Another thing of note about Milwaukee is being the home of the corner bar. Most usually carry a good selection of beers even if it’s the old standby, New Glarus’ Spotted Cow. I have run across a few select bars that have a passion for serving hard to find and delicious beers. One is the Sugar Maple which hosts my favorite event, Drinking Liberally, and my newest find Romans’ Pub.

Down on KK bordering St Francis (3475 S KK) in Bay View is a small easy to miss pub that the only thing the owner, Mike Romans, is more passionate about than beer is his loyal customers.

I first learned about the Pub a few months ago and it was on my to do list for way too long. My reward though was just so happened to drop in on the 30th anniversary/Christmas party a few weeks ago. Not only did I get to indulge in a Bell’s Christmas Ale from the beer engine among others but a full blown spread of food that included brats, BBQ chicken, pulled pork, and the Jambalya which was made by my new friend, Melva. Santa (AKA Mike) made an appearance just as I was leaving. I heard he was a hit (the floor).

I did make it back for another round and expect to make it a frequent stop especially to warm my bones on these cold Wisconsin winters.

The list almost changes daily and you can even see it change before your eyes at

See you there!


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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